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  • Baking Tools Manufacturers & Wholesalers
  • Baking Tools Manufacturers & Wholesalers

Baking Tools Manufacturers & Wholesalers

The baking tool is the most important tool in the kitchen because without it you can't bake anything, which means there's no cake or cookies for dessert.

The baking tool comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some are round, some are square and some are rectangular. They can be made from metal, plastic, or wood, depending on what type of material you prefer. When shopping for one, look at how well they fit into your hands and if they're comfortable while using them.

The most common types of baking tools include spatulas (for spreading batter evenly), whisks (for whipping eggs), and rolling pins (for flattening dough). There are also measuring cups and spoons available too!

The size of your baking tool matters too! If you want to make small batches then get a smaller version instead - this will make things easier when mixing up ingredients together. You can also save cabinet space because these items take up less space than other kitchen appliances (such as pots and pans, etc.).


Price 1
Brand Name Newayrubber
Place of Origin Suzhou, China
Delivery Detail 3-7 days

Detail Introduction

Product NameOEM High Quality Compression Molding Silicone Rubber Parts
Processing ServiceMoulding
MaterialAll Silicone Rubber materials are available
Hardness20~90 ShoreA
ServiceOEM/ODM/OBM, Custom Logo / Packaging, 3D design drafting
Lead time10-20 Days or up to your order quantity
ColorCustomize(Any Pantone color)
Molding processCompression/Injection molding
FeatureOil Resistance

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