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  • Robot Control Cabinet
  • Robot Control Cabinet

Robot Control Cabinet

The robot control cabinet is an indispensable part of the industrial robot. It plays an important role in coordinating the operation of the industrial robot and ensuring the accuracy and stability of the entire system.

The role of the control cabinet:

1. The control cabinet adjusts the ventilation and heat dissipation, as well as its own electrical circuit protection arrangement;

2. Set up a console for easy programming, debugging, and monitoring;

3. The sensors are connected to ensure that the robot can accurately grasp information about its position, orientation, speed, acceleration, and force.

4. Connect various devices such as welding guns, spray guns, grippers, and tool changers to complete various tasks through relay switches;

5. The safety device is set up to ensure safety during operation;

6. Set up the power supply system to meet the needs of the entire device;


Place of Origin Suzhou, China

Detail Introduction

Product Namechassis Cabinet Bank withdrawal chassis sheetmetal, sheet metal enclosure
Drawing2D and 3D
ColorAccording to the need to customize
TechnologyStamping,deep drawing,cutting,bending,welding,laser cutting
materialSteel,stainless steel,aluminum,copper,cold steel etc.
ApplicationIndustrial Electrical Appliances
Network and Data Storage
Robotic Intelligent Devices
Rail Transportation Equipment
Medical Diagnostic Equipment
ServiceMetal Fabrication parts
ODM and OEM customization:accep
FinishZinc, nickle, tin,chrome plating, powder coating,etc
ServiceFrom pre-production design to tooling development and assembly, Vibo provides a well rounded end-to-end service to our customers. We also offer our expertise to help customers to best optimize their supply chain management

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