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  • Communication Cabinet
  • Communication Cabinet

Communication Cabinet

A communication cabinet is a device that protects the equipment, which is installed in the kitchen or other places inside the building and can be used to distribute the signal. The distribution cabinet can receive the coaxial cable from the wall socket (the cable company enters), and then distribute it to all TVs and cable boxes in various rooms. This gives you a lot of flexibility because you can easily disconnect one device without affecting others. In addition, if you need to replace a TV, this will only require unplugging the cable from one TV and plugging it into another. There is no need to remove the wall socket cable from your end of the coaxial cable or call a technician to rewire it.

What does a communication cabinet do?

The distribution cabinet performs many functions:

1. It is an information center for your home or office. It provides TV signal distribution for multiple locations throughout your home or office.

2. It provides protection for sensitive electronic equipment such as satellite receivers, modems, and other equipment that may be easily damaged by lightning strikes or related electrical surges through coaxial cables entering buildings from outside.

3. It helps protect against water damage caused by leaks in your walls or ceiling. 


Place of Origin Suzhou, China

Detail Introduction

Product Namechassis Cabinet Bank withdrawal chassis sheetmetal, sheet metal enclosure
Drawing2D and 3D
ColorAccording to the need to customize
TechnologyStamping,deep drawing,cutting,bending,welding,laser cutting
materialSteel,stainless steel,aluminum,copper,cold steel etc.
ApplicationIndustrial Electrical Appliances
Network and Data Storage
Robotic Intelligent Devices
Rail Transportation Equipment
Medical Diagnostic Equipment
ServiceMetal Fabrication parts
ODM and OEM customization:accep
FinishZinc, nickle, tin,chrome plating, powder coating,etc
ServiceFrom pre-production design to tooling development and assembly, Vibo provides a well rounded end-to-end service to our customers. We also offer our expertise to help customers to best optimize their supply chain management

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